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Nov 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
to be. so a lot of the energy looks like it's going to get squeezed out by the time it gets to san jose and points southward. also for those of you back into livermore. tomorrow morning you'll wake up with showers. i know a lot are traveling on wednesday. here is the good part. if you're leaving in the afternoon hours, we're going to get some clearing skies and also some sunshine building in. looks really great as we head throughout your wednesday afternoon. here is a look at the overall estimates. again, just a general idea of who could get the most rain, right up in the north bay close to an inch. and down here towards the south bay, there is that huge disparitisy, only 0.0 to maybe a tenth of an inch expected in san jose. showers pushing to the south tonight, lingering for the morning hours and clearing out tomorrow afternoon. major airport delays likely into tomorrow morning. not only at the airports, but up across the sierra. temperatures on wednesday low to mid-60s, staying pretty much similar to what we had today. but increased sunshine by the afternoon. on your three-day forecas
Nov 23, 2012 5:00pm PST
is fabulous any day. and on black friday, why not? it's crowded. it's alive. there is a lot of energy here. >> just a couple of weeks ago, stockton street was closed because of work on the central subway. the city cleaned up all the construction equipment in time for the shopping season. and even temporarily repaved the street. >>> also tonight, lots of activity in downtown san jose for christmas in the park. our own marla tayas is live with all the festivities. hi, marla. >> reporter: hi, janelle. good evening. happy holidays to you this. is the official grand opening for the hawaiian airlines kristi yamaguchi downtown ice where christmas in the park debuts tonight in its 33rd year. now the rink bears the name of the olympic gold medalist, kristi yamaguchi. and guess what? she is standing with me right here live. thanks for coming out. i know the crowd is happy to see you tonight there is a lot of people here tonight, all here to see you. >> well, it's a fun and special night. it celebrates a great time of year. and to have this here in san jose where families can come out and enjoy the h
Nov 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
of the strongest energy we have seen at this point for the first storm on wednesday is going to be heading off to the north. but even getting a small slice of the bottom edge of this storm, and we're going to be in for a very strong round of not only rain, but gusty winds that could provide some power outages. here is the other thing. the jet stream over the next three to five days is going to stay situated right across central and southern california. that will allow not only our wednesday storm system to roll in, but potentially four other storms as we head throughout this week. they're going to be in very quick succession. we could be dealing with isolated flooding concerns here across the bay area. as we head throughout tuesday, what we're going to find is the storm system is going to be just offshore. then as we head into wednesday, that's when we'll get our first round of rain and wind arriving. temperatures for the most part across the bay area will be in the 60s. so for tomorrow morning, we'll find fog at the coastline. also north bay low clouds back to the east bay. mainly dry through
Nov 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
energy labs, the sponsor of this year's race. he had been taking pictures and soaking up the excitement at the finish line all day, but half an hour past midnight, more than 17 hours after the race started, he was one of the very few people left when jeff emerged from the darkness. >> we were in awe, really, all of us. grown men, experienced athletes who were moving to the point of tears. >> and after all those miles, all these years, you would think the last feet would be easy. they weren't. workers had been dismantling the finish line, and signs littered the ground. >> that hurt too. i mean my leg was so beat up at that point that it really hurt. >> it did not, however, hurt enough to stop jeff short of his goal, crossing a finish line to more than just this race. >> going through everything with my leg and the amputation, and to be able to come and finish at kona, i mean that was to me, it's one of the highlights of my life. >> after that incredible performance, some people have taken note. although he was lucky to get this, he may find a way to get in this year. he is going the trai
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4